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Application Guidelines

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Currently a maximum of 500 pounds is awarded per child per 12 month period. However, this may vary according to funds available and applications received

Only applications regarding children who are disabled and living in West Dorset and/or using the support of DCHFT Children’s Centre will be considered

Equipment requested should directly relate to the child’s disability and therefore be over and above what a family would normally be expected to provide

Only the costs for appropriate courses, conferences and seminars will be considered

Applications must be countersigned by a relevant professional who understands the specific need of the child and family

Applications must be for items/services not provided by the statutory authorities

The upper children’s age limit is 18

We do not normally fund items which need frequent replacement or recurring costs i.e. swimming lessons, horse riding lessons, incontinence products, clothing etc.

Unfortunately our funds are limited and we are unable to assist with holiday costs.

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Last Updated 11 September 2016